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by Danielle Brogna on August 9, 2015




New Young Living Products Launched at the 2015 International Convention

I just returned from The Young Living International Grand Convention and want to tell you about the new products that were launched this year! I am so proud to be a part of a company that has a mission to help people live a happier and healthier life. Now read on about the new exciting products! YAY!


Cool Azul sports gel is formulated with an unprecedented 10 percent (10 ml) of pure essential oils in every 3.4 oz tube. This product glides on smooth, hydrates the skin and is perfect for anyone who is active. Apply before or after physical activity and all massage therapists should have this handy. Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Peppermint, Oregano and Dorado Azul Essential Oils. I applied this to my legs at the product expo and it sure felt great after all that walking in high heals!


Dino Land or Dolphin Reef kids diffusers provide children with a fun and interactive way to learn about essential oils. This transforms any space into an exciting, aroma-filled atmosphere. This is an interchangeable diffuser cover system so one diffuser base can be interchangeable with numerous tops! There are 4 soft white LED lights with on/off settings. The Volcano erupts and the Dolphin Design holds jewelry! Suggested Young Living Essential Oils to diffuse are Lavender, Brain Power, Peace In Calming and Joy. I can’t tell you how cute these are… kids helped design them!


WOOO! Does this oil pack a punch! Every year Young Living creates a special oil blend that represents the convention theme. This years theme was “Light The Fire” and this warm, spicy oil sure does light my fire lol! Ingredients: Nutmeg, Cassia, Ocotea, Lemon, Pepper, Hinoki and Northern Lights Black Spruce Essential Oils. Diffuse this blend for an inspiring fragrance or dilute with V6 and apply topically to get fired up!


OH my gosh this oil is so spiritual! I inhaled it deeply at the product expo and it made me feel so good! This oil comes from Young Living’s new Northern Lights Farm in British Columbia, Canada. The spruce trees grow under the Aurora Borealis and absorb all the energy from the northern lights. Then it is distilled and bottled so we can enjoy this invigorating scent during meditation and prayer. It can also be added to Young Living skin care products to improve the appearance of dry skin or to help maintain the appearance of healthy looking skin. This oil is my second favorite oil next to Valor Essential Oil Blend!


NingXia Zyng is a light, sparkling beverage that delivers a splash of hydrating energy.  With only 35 calories per can, this guilt free beverage is a healthy choice for all you soda lovers without the use of artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives.  Ingredients: Carbonated water, Stevia, Lime and Black Pepper Essential Oils, Organic evaporated cane juice, pear juice concentrate, Blackberry Juice Concentrate,  Wolfberry Gojji Berry Puree and citric acid. This is so refreshing, delicious and invigorating. This is a favorite drink of our Young Living Fit athletic ambassadors!

PURE PROTEIN COMPLETE (Time to break out your blender!) #3298 & 3301

Pure Protein Complete is a soy free protein supplement that combines a proprietary 5-Protein blend, amino acids, and ancient peat and apple extract to deliver 25 grams of protein per serving. Its foundation of protein from rBGH free whey, goat’s milk, peas, egg whites and organic hemp seeds provides a full range of amino acids along with an enzyme blend. OH MY GOSH this is so yummy! It comes in 2 flavors: Chocolate Deluxe (tastes like chocolate pudding) and Vanilla Spice (tastes like vanilla and cinnamon). They said this supports ATP production which supports the energy levels of your body.


I love Slique bars and I love dark chocolate; DONE! Slique bars are a safe, delicious weight-management tool that utilizes a dual-target approach to help manage your hunger. Slique Bars are gluten-free and preservative free. They are loaded with exotic baru nuts, wholesome almonds, protein, fiber, potato skin extract, a super fruit blend of wolf berries and golden berries, Cinnamon, Vanilla and Orange Essential Oils. This nutritious, stimulant free snack helps you feel fuller, longer and is the perfect on the go snack! You do pay extra shipping on this product because Young Living uses pure Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate. (so worth it)


OK… FYI this Master Formula is replacing True Source, His and Hers Vitamins! WOW.  This Master Formula is a full-spectrum multi-nutrient complex, providing premium vitamins, minerals, and food-based nutrients to support general health and well being. This also contains gut flora-supporting prebiotics and antioxidants to help neutralize free radicals in the body.  They are pre-packaged sachets to help you take your vitamins on the go, hassle free and are suggested for anyone 12 years or older.


Stop using Vinegar and enjoy cleaning your fruits and vegetables without affecting the taste! The spray is perfect for when you are away from the home or for single servings. The Soak is ideal when cleaning larger amounts of produce. Great for both conventional and organically grown produce. This product has the power of Thieves, Purification and DiGize essential oil blends to help you wash your food naturally.


Can I get a OOOHHH YEAH for this one?!?! This plant based formula is free from SLS, SLES, dyes, formaldehyde, phosphates, and synthetic perfumes. This formula uses the power of Thieves, Jade Lemon and Bergamot Essential Oils to safely clean your dishes!


OH, yes! This is so exciting for all of you making home made detergent! This plant based formula is also free of SLS, dyes, petrochemicals, formaldehyde, phosphates, synthetic perfume and optical brighteners. The power of Thieves, Jade Lemon and Bergamot Essential oils will clean your clothes safely and they will smell divine!


Pamper your skin with the luxurious properties found only in the mineral-rich waters of the Dead Sea. Both products are infused with skin loving essential oils and enriched with the much revered Balm of Gilead that is grown on Young Living’s farm in Israel. This unique soap will cleanse and exfoliate your skin, leaving it feeling rejuvenated with a healthy looking glow.  The Bath Salts are a treasure trove of minerals and Lavender essential oil that will give you an amazing spa experience in your home! I can not wait to get these delivered to my home ASAP!

ESSENTIAL PEEL (Only Available At Convention Launch TBA)

The new Lavender or Peppermint Essential Peel are individually packaged, single-use cotton swatches saturated with pre-diluted essential oil. This is ideal for use in professional settings, on-the-go, or for sharing and sampling essential oils. These packets are so amazing and I hope they launch them soon so you can order them!


You can catch up on all the Young Living Members posting about their experiences at convention by searching for the hashtag #YLConvention on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Periscope. It’s really great if you missed convention this year to view the experience through our amazing Young Living Distributors who were nice enough to take the time to post about it for you on social media.


So, on August 10th 2015 the Young Living Virtual Office will probably explode, crash and freeze from everyone trying to order these amazing new products! HEE HEE. I would suggest, if you are a current Young Living Member, to adjust your auto-ship to go out on the 11th. Then, log in early on the 10th to select your products and push out the order that day by selecting “process now”. OR, you can place a quick order on the 10th as early as you can! Good Luck and Stock Up!


YOUNG LIVING MEMBERS: Log into your Virtual Office and order some of these products or call 1-800-371-3515 to place a phone order.

NOT A MEMBER OF YOUNG LIVING? Always contact the person who told you about Young Living Essential Oils first. I only recommend using Young Living Essential Oils. If you heard about the oils from me, you can become a member under my sponsorship, receive my full support, cell phone, private Facebook support group and online training center. I refer you to the company and then the products are conveniently shipped to your home. I look forward to supporting you on your oil journey! LEARN MORE ABOUT ORDERING YOUNG LIVING OILS UNDER MY SPONSORSHIP CLICK HERE

4192Danielle Brogna is the happy owner of Hands In Harmony Inc., Wife, Mother and Proud Network Marketing Professional. She is dedicated to Sharing Holistic Health with Young Living Essential Oil Products and Teaching Financial Abundance through Network Marketing. Danielle is the author of “Down The Hatch” The 30 Best Young Living Cocktail, Smoothie and Juicing Recipes, the producer of Harmony TV, Keynote Speaker, Social Media Student and loves to sing with her 80’s cover band!


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