Natural Solutions For Dogs

by Danielle Brogna on April 24, 2015



Natural Solutions For Dogs and Animals Using Toxic Free Products

I just adopted an adorable black lab mix from North Shore Animal League in January. I have been using Young Living Oils to support him naturally. I am so happy to have an entire product line from Young Living made especially with animals in mind! I will discuss the line in this article and give you some of my favorite tips! I only recommend using Young Living Essential Oil products. I had so much fun putting this article together to help you learn how to keep your furry friends happy and healthy!



Animal Scents shampoo cleans, conditions, and protects your pet’s coat without harmful ingredients. Formulated with five pure essential oils and other natural ingredients, this shampoo is safe and effective for animals.

I simply pour a small amount of shampoo into my palm and rub gently between my hands. I then massage into my pet’s wet coat. You can do this in the tub or the shower. I do this once a week so I only lather up once. I love how my puppy smells and his coat is so soft after! If this is out of stock you can use KidScents Shampoo.



Animal Scents Ointment is a protective, soothing salve designed specifically for external use on animals. The gentle and safe formula is enhanced with pure Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia) and Myrrh, two of natures most powerful essential oils to support the skin.

Clean area and apply as needed. If using single oils apply first then cover with the ointment. I love using this on any cuts, bites or skin irritations. It is an excellent protective barrier over any cuts. I noticed a patch of skin on top of my dogs head was irritated and I used this for a few days with great success! I also use this on my cracked heals lol! If this is out of stock you can use Rose Ointment.



Animal Scents Care Collection supports the proper growth and normal life cycles of a wide variety of animals. Inside are six exclusive essential oil blends formulated in appropriate strengths for animals that address the most common animal conditions. All of the oils in this kit are also available to be purchased individually.

I feel like my pet is part of my family and deserves the best natural life I can provide him! If you feel the same way this kit is for you! This kit is fabulous to provide you with natural solutions for dogs and most animals. These are the oils in the kit…

PuriClean: PRE-CLEAN the AREA– Contains essential oils with cleansing and purifying properties, helping to maximize a healing environment. Pre-clean the wound and then add 1-2 drops to the affected area to support proper cleansing.  You can also put 8-10 drops in a 1 oz glass spray bottle with distilled water for a quick skin-cleaning spritz. If this is out of stock you can use Purification oil diluted.

InfectAway: DISINFECT and PROTECT– Contains essential oils that have a cleansing effect that supports healthy recovery and helps your pet resist harmful infections. Add 1-2 drops to the affected area to support proper healing or make a spray bottle spritz with 8-10 drops in a 1 oz glass bottle with distilled water. If this is out of stock you can use Frankincense oil diluted.

Mendwell: IMPROVE and ACCELERATE– Contains essential oils such as Geranium, Lavender, Frankincense that work together to support proper blood flow to promote and maintain the healing process. Massage 1-2 drops on the affected area. If this is out of stock you can use Lavender oil diluted.

ParaGize: DIGESTION– Animals can be prone to parasites that can affect their growth or progression. This combination of Ginger, Peppermint, Spearmint and other essential oils to support healthy digestion and well-being. Add 2 drops to drinking water or rub to the abdominal area. This is also a wonderful blend to use when transitioning into a new dog food. If this is out of stock you can use DiGize oil diluted.

RepelAroma: OUTDOOR PROTECTION– A unique combination of Citronella, Idaho Tansy, Palo Santo, and Melaleuca Alternifolia. Your pet will enjoy being outside without having to deal with pests. This blend is an effective formula that fends off insects and bugs naturally, without the use of harmful chemicals. Apply 2 drops to your hands and simply pet into your animal’s coat. You can also diffuse to keep pests away in the home or small outdoor areas. I enjoy putting 4 drops into a 1 oz spray bottle with distilled water to spray down any dog house or outdoor areas. If this is out of stock you can use Citronella or Purification oil diluted.

T-Away: EMOTIONAL SUPPORT– Whether from abuse, neglect, or another emotionally traumatic event from a previous experience or owner, emotional distress can take a toll on animals. This blend was created to help your animal move past these emotional blocks and support a new level of emotional freedom and joy. Add 1 drop behind each ear to calm during times of grief or agitation. You can diffuse 3 times a day to support positive emotional perseverance. If this is out of stock you can use Valor or Peace In Calming oil diluted.

Safety and Resources

*Carefully apply according to the size and species of animal. Dilute with Young Living’s V6 Vegetable Oil Complex for smaller species. You can find out more about how to use Young Living Essential Oils with animals by purchasing these great tools!

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 6.00.23 PM

Product Education Resources:

Essential Oils and Pets Booklet by Dr. Mary Hess click here

Essential Oil Tips for Healthy Pets Product Demonstration DVD by YLWisdom click here

Business Tools for Sharing Resources:

Oils and Pets Brochures by Dr. Mary Hess click here

No Vet First Aid for Pets Tear off Sheets click here

Some Really Cool Recipes and Tips

Outdoor Protection Spray: 4 oz glass bottle fill with 10 drops each of Lemongrass and Eucalyptus. Spray as needed all over your body and pet. You can also use RepelAroma formulated for dogs, but I prefer to use this oil directly with topical application since it’s all ready diluted for animals. If your animal get’s a tick drip one drop of Purification Oil on after you remove the tick.

Doggie / Animal Massage: I love to take a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil. I rub the back of my puppies neck and pet down the muscles along the back of his spine. Lavender is so gentle and relaxing. I have used Lavender to also calm down my puppy during crazy hour. If you rub the tail you can create a natural diffuser when he wags the tail too lol!

Teething Puppies: We use Exodus 11 Essential Oil blend on babies teeth when they are teething. I actually tried this on my puppy when he was teething and it helped. I rubbed one drop on my fingers and then massaged my puppies gums once a day.

Elder Care and Pain Managment: Panaway and Copaiba Essential Oils are a fabulous combo to use for natural pain management with animals. This needs to be diluted in a carrier oil such as coconut oil or Young Living’s V6 Vegetable Complex. Usually one drop of essential oil in one teaspoon of a carrier oil. Simply rub on the joints.

Under The Weather?: Thieves oil diluted and Frankincense oil is a great duo to support your pets immune system naturally. Simply use a few drops on your hand and rub your pet down and diffuse in the air.


YOUNG LIVING MEMBERS: Log into your Virtual Office and order some of these products or call 1-800-371-3515 to place a phone order.

NOT A MEMBER OF YOUNG LIVING? Always contact the person who told you about Young Living Essential Oils first. I only recommend using Young Living Essential Oils. If you heard about the oils from me, you can become a member under my sponsorship and the products are conveniently shipped to your home. I look forward to supporting you on your oil journey! LEARN MORE ABOUT ORDERING YOUNG LIVING OILS UNDER MY SPONSORSHIP CLICK HERE

4192Danielle Brogna is the happy owner of Hands In Harmony Inc., Wife, Mother and Proud Network Marketing Professional. She is dedicated to Sharing Holistic Health with Young Living Essential Oil Products and Teaching Financial Abundance through Network Marketing. Danielle is the author of “Down The Hatch” The 30 Best Young Living Cocktail, Smoothie and Juicing Recipes, the producer of Harmony TV, Keynote Speaker, Social Media Student and loves to sing with her 80’s cover band!



by Danielle Brogna on December 31, 2014


Finding Your Life’s Purpose with 3 Simple Steps

You can not erase the past. You CAN change your future. I want to wish all of you an amazing 2015!

I love New Years Eve. Every year we get a “Do Over” or a “FRESH START”! Life is a blessing. Life is a gift. We are here to learn lessons, grow, help people and love. I have struggled in the past but now I have learned how to live my best life. That is my wish for all of you.

Deep down inside of you is a whisper. It is the sound of your life’s purpose. It is your soul speaking to you. If you listen and follow the path the universe will open amazing opportunities for you. I have experienced this.

I believe our angels guide us and help us when we are walking along our true path. How do you figure out your life’s mission? Well remember when you had dreams as a kid? Start with those memories and find out what makes you happy. What are you good at? What are your talents? What comes natural to you? What can you do to make the world better?

What is your life’s purpose? It could be as simple as being a mother or as bold as being the president. Are you supposed to fill the world with your artistic talents or invent things to improve the community? If you can make a living doing something you love then you are truly blessed!

So if you are stuck in life, down in the dumps, depressed, unhappy or just lost then now is your time do something about it. Maybe you are happy but feel like you can be doing more! Maybe you love your job but don’t have enough time to enjoy your family. This is the day you figure out a better way!

Follow these three simple steps to find your true calling in life.

1) Write down all the things you love to do, that make you happy and all of your talents.

2) Write down what you want your life to look like and what you want out of life.

3) Select a life mission from the clues from steps 1 & 2. Then write down the small attainable steps that will bring you to your big goal.

Then all you have to do is everyday spend a small amount of time putting those small goals into ACTION. Then you are on your way to accomplishing your BIG LIFE GOAL! If your goal is small or large it is still important to contributing to the natural balance of the universe.

To find true happiness your means of attaining “money” needs to reflect your life’s mission. That is the key. To do what you love, get paid for doing your life’s work and finding a way to be a positive force to your community.

I have done a lot of personal development in the last few years and I would like to give you three professional resources.

1) Get inspired everyday with daily mentoring from Darren Hardy:

2) Bring balance into your life with Oola:

3) Learn from the masters on Super Soul Sunday:

I wish all of you love, joy and peace for 2015. The world needs you and remember one person can change the world.

Love Danielle :)

4192Danielle Brogna is the happy owner of Hands In Harmony Inc., Wife, Mother and Proud Network Marketing Professional. She is dedicated to Sharing Holistic Health with Young Living Essential Oil Products and Teaching Financial Abundance through Network Marketing. Danielle is the author of “Down The Hatch” The 30 Best Young Living Cocktail, Smoothie and Juicing Recipes, the producer of Harmony TV, Keynote Speaker, Social Media Student and loves to sing!


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