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by Danielle Brogna on November 18, 2012

Natures Remedies-  Urgent Care for Everyday Ailments

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Peter Minke PhD

I had the amazing opportunity to attend Young Living’s School of Natures Remedies and this article contains my notes from the Doctor Mom class with Dr. Peter Minke. (He was inspiring, funny and brilliant!)

First he told us that he had bone cancer in his 20’s! He treated his Cancer with chemotherapy. Then in his 30’s he developed chemotherapy induced lymphoma! Just another example of the nasty side effects of traditional western pharmaceutical medicine. I give thanks for our advances in medicine; however, natural medicine is the best choice in my opinion. Actually natural PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE is they key! I have learned in the last few years that inflammation is bad news and we should all be eating an anti-inflammatory diet. Also, our body’s should be ALKALINE and non acidic! (Hey good topic for future blog post ha ha!)

I have been a Mom on a mission trying to teach my husband and children to change their behavior so we could all be healthy together! In the last few years, we have transitioned into a non-toxic household and only eat organic healthy food. This was the essence of the presentation from Dr. Minke. He stressed that the WHOLE FAMILY should participate together for total health and well being. I felt validated and proud that we are all on this path together. I have three daughters and an amazing husband. It is much easier to have the family be health as a whole, instead of just me. I have empowered my children to use meditation, breathing techniques, Young Living Essential Oils and much more. I even taught my husband to read food labels!

Dr. Minke stressed that if you get hurt it’s not as bad if your body is strong. If you get sick and your healthy you heal faster. He explained that when one of your kids gets sick you get a prescription. Then you have to wait to treat your other kids until they get sick! He said, “This does not make any sense!” and I would have to agree! Do you know how many times in the past (before my holistic healthy family makeover) that each of my kids would take turns being sick?  It was a horrible cycle that I could never prevent and I would be stuck home for a month taking care of a different kid each week!

“No drug is taken without side effects. True natural healing requires a therapeutic effect, which is a positive and desirable effect resulting from the administration of a remedy.” Dr. Peter Minke

Therefore, empower your family with natural alternatives to synthetic over the counter or prescription medication. I personally recommend and use Young Living Essential Oils. Essential oils, and other natural products, make fantastic first-aid and urgent care remedies. They have a unique ability to penetrate cell membranes and circulate throughout the body, which stimulates and supports the body systems  for a range of universal ailments. Not only can you build a superior immune system, but you can also use them to support many body systems!

If you would like to learn how to empower yourself with Young Living Essential Oils make sure you join my mailing list! I teach a Oily Mom’s and Dad’s class for Young Living Essential Oils locally as well as internationally through webinars. Email me if you want to set one up and get some friends together. It’s a great feeling to help empower others to create a healthy family that is prepared for any situation with natural medicine.

IMG 1890 150x150 School of Natures Remedies Dr. MomDanielle Brogna is the happy owner of Hands In Harmony Inc. and the producer of Harmony TV. Hands In Harmony Inc. is dedicated to holistic health education including Reiki, Crystals, Meditation, Young Living Essential Oils and Music.

Do you have any questions? I would love to help you! Write me a comment in the section below. What natural remedies do you use for your children? Let me know below.

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